What is the shelf life of your milk?
Best consumed within a week. It doesn't contain any preservatives!

What is the best way to consume your milk?
Our milk is best enjoyed cold but can be warmed up if preferred.

Where do you source your nuts from?

Our nuts are lovingly sourced and imported from the US and Australia.

Do you collect the bottles and thermal bags to recycle? When is collection held?

(This applies to subscription plans only) We advocate zero-waste practices and reuse all glass bottles and packaging. Collection of bottles will be carried out on the next delivery. Please rinse the bottles before returning to us, thank you! 

How do you clean your bottles?

Every single returned bottle is properly sterilized and washed using industrially accepted practices before reuse.

Do you charge for bottles? Any deposits to be made?
No, everything is inclusive in the price!

Is it suitable for children?
Yes, our milk is suitable for children above 5. 



What if I want to change my milk flavour?

Just log into your account and change it before the cut off date (Every Sunday)

How does recurring payment work?
You will be charged on the same day when you place your first order. Subsequently, you will be charged every cycle of your subscriptions on the same day.
Eg, If you placed an order on a Sunday, you will be charged on the Monday of your cycle.



When is delivery?

We deliver every Tuesday. Cut off day for a change of flavor is every Sunday, for milk to be delivered on the following Tuesday.

What if nobody is home?
Everything is contactless. Our delivery man will leave your milk at your doorstep.

Can we keep the bottle and thermal bag?
It's all yours! We encourage green living and being able to reuse our bottles and bags makes our Earth happy.