About Us

Why Us?

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in living and consuming the way nature intended us to. We believe that all food can be produced and consumed without detrimental effect on our environment or without exploiting animals. 

Our plant milk is packed with nutrients such as fiber, omega 3 and protein. We guarantee high quality nutrition in each bottle as each ingredient is painstakingly sourced from reputable farms in the US and Australia.

We bring milk to you in its simplest form - pure, all natural, brewed with love.

We Love Our Community

A percentage of all sales proceeds will go to a charity organization of choice. For 2020, we have decided to join hands with The Breast Cancer Foundation to support their awareness for multiple programmes with the goal of eradicating breast cancer.

 Our Specialties

We are proudly zero-waste. Return our glass jars upon your next delivery and receive and give perks to those who return our bottles at every delivery per week. To encourage this recycling culture, we've waived bottle deposit and all packaging fees.