If you are a subscription customer, please return the glass bottle(s) and all packaging materials when our courier delivers your order every week. Yes, you read that right - all packaging, including the hangtag tied to the bottlecap! We mean it when we say ‘zero waste’.

We are an ecologically responsible organization. We believe it is possible to consume delicious milk without harming the environment, and we advocate zero-waste living.



Nuts 15% Sugar 5% Water 80% 

What’s special about our milk:

High quality of ingredients, imported nuts from US & Australia

High nut content - 15% beats most store-brand nut milk (1-2%)

All natural, no preservatives, coloring, artificial flavors or refined sugar

Freshly brewed a day or less before delivery

Note about consumption:

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and the lactose intolerant

Our milk is best consumed cold and within a week, no preservatives.

It is normal for milk to separate as it does not contain any emulsifiers or thickening agents. Just give it a good shake before consumption.