The Importance of Proper Nuts Processing and Cleaning

Nuts are a popular superfood in Singapore. They are sold in every major supermarket and are present in many popular healthy recipes and dishes, including nut milk. Nuts are a staple in many of our lives, but are you aware of the importance of properly cleaning and processing nuts before consumption?

In the process of harvesting and processing nuts, chemicals are added to the exterior of these nuts. Take walnuts, for example. During walnut harvesting season, an ethylene-producing compound such as ethephon is applied on the nuts to quicken the maturation of the walnuts. 

After harvesting, nuts are sprayed with lots of pesticides and fungicides after they are shelled in order to repel pests while they are being stored or shipped. Cashew nuts are sprayed with endosulfan, a chemical that is very harmful to both humans and animals. Meanwhile, pistachio nuts are treated with phosmat, which can cause the development of tumours. Most nuts contain traces of inorganic bromide due to the application of methyl bromide which is applied on nuts to kill pests during storage. 

Additionally, many nuts are covered in a natural layer of phytic acid,  meant to deter animals in the wild from eating them. Phytic acid can prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals into our bodies, sometimes causing inflammation and allergic reactions. 

With all of this in mind, it is crucial that nuts are properly washed and processed before they are made available for consumers to ingest. Here at The Better Milk, we value the safety of our products for consumption, so we aim to ensure that every single nut used in the production of our milk is properly cleaned and processed, free of chemicals and dirt.

 In ensuring the utmost safety and cleanliness of our products, we thoroughly clean all of our nuts with Agape Nature’s certified organic cleaner to remove pesticides and sulphur dioxide (fungicides) before we use them to make our nut milk to guarantee that the milk you receive is clean and pesticide-free.

Give our nut milk a try! Try The Better Almond, The Better Walnut and The Better Hazelnut today.







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