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When you head down to the supermarket to pick up your favourite plant-based milk, do you ever stop to question whether or not you are getting the full benefits from the product in your hands?


Many plant-based milk buyers are unaware of the fact that most of the brands that they purchase only supply filtered or strained milk - also known as the common smooth and creamy kinds of milk that everyone is familiar with, in which the key ingredients used to make the milk, such as nuts and oats, are filtered out. Have you ever wondered what would happen if these ingredients were not filtered out?

Though not commonly sold in stores, unfiltered plant-based milk is actually a much healthier and more wholesome version of the regular filtered kinds. Here are the differences between filtered and unfiltered plant-based milk!


1. Unfiltered milk is higher in nutrients than filtered milk

Plant-based milk is high in nutrients, being made from superfoods like nuts and oats. However, when the milk is filtered, the sediments of nuts and oats used to make the milk are often filtered out. These sediments are actually high in nutrients, fibre and flavour! While filtered milk is definitely still delicious and healthy, unfiltered milk provides an extra punch of nutrition, as the source of the nutrients are still present in the milk.


2. Unfiltered milk has a richer texture

While filtered milk is silky, smooth, and all together provides a familiar, classic mouthfeel, unfiltered milk is richer, thicker and more rustic as ground nut, seed or oat sediments are left in the milk in the form of a thick cream.

While the sediments of unfiltered milk may separate from the liquids and settle at the bottom of the bottle, this is not an issue. All you need to do is to give the bottle a good shake, and you’ll be all set to enjoy a refreshing and wholesome drink!


3. Unfiltered milk is more filling

Are you frequently on the move due to having a busy lifestyle, with not enough time to sit down for a proper meal? Unfiltered plant-based milk acts as a perfect meal replacement for those busy days due to how filling it is, leaving you feeling satisfied and energised. It is a convenient, hassle-free source of essential nutrients, protein and energy for you to continue with your day!

Drinking a glass of unfiltered milk is a fast, convenient and delicious way to fill you up. If you’re in need of a healthy and hearty meal on-the-go, why not give unfiltered milk a try?


Unfiltered plant-based milk is very rarely seen in Singapore. Most brands only provide the filtered variety, while all plant-based milk sold in local supermarkets are filtered. However, if you’re looking to try some wholesome unfiltered milk, fret not! Here at The Better Milk, we offer both filtered and unfiltered plant-based milk. Regardless of whether you enjoy the smooth creaminess of filtered milk or the rustic thickness of unfiltered milk, we are here to satisfy your various plant-based milk needs!


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